Greetings from Zagreb

After a few hours worth of delays, we have survived our train journey from Nitra, Slovakia to Zagreb, Croatia. We started out early this morning, traveling to Hungary for a brief stopover in Budapest for a delicious lunch and a little sightseeing around the train station, then we were off to Zagreb.

It’s a little after midnight local time, so we’ll keep this post brief. This weekend we are staying with an Esperantist from the local organization, and we’ll spend tomorrow touring the city with him and another local Esperantist. This will likely be our last post for a while, because from the 31st through the 5th, we will be totally off the grid during the boatado (river trip). Don’t worry about the radio silence, we are enjoying the Croatian wilderness and having a great time getting to know the Karlovac Esperanto Society.

We will resume posting once we make it to Prague, the longest stay during our trip. During the two weeks we’re there, we’ll be catching up on our Esperantist profile posts and adding city guides for Wroclaw, Nitra, and Prague, so be sure to check back in with us mid August!

Gxis la revido (bye!),

Bri and Angelica


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