Lazy Days in Karlovac

We’ve finished up our first round of congresses, so our posts will be a little more travel oriented, rather than Esperanto, for a few weeks until the Itala Kongreso (Italian Congress). In the mean time, we will be writing about our travels and posting a few more Esperantist profiles.

Due to a change of plans, we’ve spent the past few days in Karlovac, Croatia. It’s a quiet little town in the inland countryside, about an hour outside of Zagreb by train. The town is known for its beautiful rivers and its old town area, which was once a star-shaped renaissance fortress.

Another claim to fame is that Nikola Tesla studied here. The school he attended just turned 250 years old, and the school is very quite proud to claim Tesla as a student–a plaque has recently been attached to the front of the building commemorating his attendance. The owner of the hostel we are staying at took us on a little tour of the town, and also showed us the two places Tesla lived while in Karlovac.

The first house belonged to his aunt and uncle and is located next door to the school. It’s a little run down, but still standing.

The second hasn’t been quite so lucky. A few blocks down the road, a bus stop now stands on the location of Telsa’s former residence. It’s an okay bus stop; perhaps the city will give it a plaque one of these days.


We made one more stop on the walking tour, Karlovac’s unofficial “Plastic Zoo.” This immeasurably quirky spot is the personal collection of the owner of the local printing press. Apparently seeing no better use for his money, he began to collect and display giant plastic animals at a restaurant near the river. Our guide said he even built a brand new stable at his home for his fleet of plastic horses. Not something you see every day!



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